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Once you get this you have to say 5 nice things about yourself publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favorite followers. :)

1. I stand up for anyone getting hate

2. I like the colour of my hair (Idk, I don’t really get what I’m suppose to be putting)

3. I’m a good friend

4. I’m okay with my weight even though it’s considered “higher than it should be”.

5. Even though I’m super awkward in certain situations I’m always there to listen

these all suck


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Kenedy brown reposted my edit and it was in the pop page and I can’t breathe IM FREAKING THE HECK OUT

To the multiple people that corrected me, I know that it’s not a pop page anymore now (but it still got like 1000 likes) and it was my complexity edit for those that we’re wondering


Kenedy brown reposted my edit and it was in the pop page and I can’t breathe IM FREAKING THE HECK OUT

Edit for Brooke Flores :)
Happy Birthday Ellisyn
can you please explain the age categories from club, i was searching on their web site, and it said, Rockstars Company, Mini Company,Junior Company,Teen 1 Company,Teen 2 CompanyPre-pro. dont htey have a senior company orwhat?


Club has confusing age divisions haha I’m not 100% sure of what they are but this is what I think…

  • Rockstars - the ‘baby’ minis, so kids like Brooklin Cooley and Bizzy Bendure who compete age 8 or younger
  • Mini company - these are normally age 8 - 10ish I think, because Club competes at Jump/Nuvo/24/7 a lot more than they compete at other competitions so kids in this age bracket compete as minis at those competitions.
  • Junior company - Honestly, not sure. I guess these kids would be the older end of the mini company.
  • Teen 1 Company - This is where it gets confusing, because Carlee Schield is on this team and she’s only 11… I think it’s just a name given to a group of girls that compete together a lot (so have a lot of groups together for example). I think Carlee, Tatiana, Ainslee (?) and Brinley are some of the members? Not 100% sure
  • Teen 2 Company - Same as Teen 1 but on average older I think 
  • Pre-pro - A special team made up of kids who are willing to travel and do extra things (e.g. AGT) in addition to competing

Hope that helps, but I’m not 100% sure on some of these points. You could try asking alexamoffett to confirm! - Ainsleigh

Brooklin is a mini not a rockstar but either than that I think you’ve got it. It also depends on skill level.

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